It’s National Blood Donor month, and we have 2 TASTY ways to celebrate!

Posted: Jan 02, 2019 | Category: News

January is National Blood Donor Month, and we’re celebrating in a big way.

A couple of big ways, actually!

‘New year, new you.’ You’ve heard that a million times by now, haven’t you? Whether it’s somebody trying to convince you to join a gym or give up that pack-a-day habit or finally shave those sideburns, it’s always something this time of year, isn’t it?

Well, we think that’s… actually a great idea!

What better time of year is there to donate blood for the first time? Already a donor? Well, then there’s no better time to bring a new friend with you the next time you give!

VIDEO: Hear some of our amazing donors (and our CEO!) talk about why they give!
Donors in January have an opportunity to walk away with some pretty amazing perks, too.

If you give between January 2-15, you can enter to win a seat at our Franklin Barbecue Private Dinner. That’s right. It’s back!

The fun doesn’t end there. Donors who give between January 16-31 will receive a coupon for a FREE SMALL SUB from our friends at Thundercloud Subs.

We’ve got such an incredible donor community already. We would literally not be here without you, so having an entire month available just to say ‘thank you’ over and over is great… But it’ll never be enough time to thank you properly for what you do.

Why can’t every  month be National Blood Donor Month?