Local Sponsors & Partners

We work with dozens of wonderful local businesses every year. Whether they host blood drives, give in-kind gifts, financial gifts, help us spread the word about the local blood supply, or help us thank blood donors (or do all of those things!), we couldn't be more thankful to call such a wonderful community of businesses home. What sets out partners apart is they live by the same guiding principal that drives We Are Blood, to always ask themselves, "How does what I'm doing help 'our family' – meaning all Central Texans?" If we could give them all shout outs we would, but for now, here are a few of our amazing partners from the past year and what they did to help our Central Texas family.

ABC Home and Commercial Services is In Our Blood.

We partnered up with ABC Home and Commercial Services this spring and summer for a joint public service campaign urging Central Texans to “Bite Back” against the Zika Virus. The ABC team helped us get the message out on the radio, TV, online, and even in OBGYN offices around town. Did we mention they also hosted a blood drive and donated profits from their mosquito prevention services to We Are Blood?

The Alamo Drafthouse is In Our Blood.

This summer we partnered with the Alamo Drafthouse to say an extra special thank you to blood donors. For three weeks over the summer every blood donor received an Alamo Drafthouse ticket. We’re also thrilled to be bringing the Bloodstream out to the Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow events this fall.

Real Ale is In Our Blood.

The team at Real Ale understands what it means to “give a darn.” This year they celebrated their birthday arm in arm with We Are Blood. In honor of their 20th birthday and We Are Blood’s 65th birthday, Real Ale invited blood donors for a VIP experience at their brewery and tasting room in Blanco. Donors were bused to the brewery, treated to a chuck wagon lunch, given private access to the tasting room and tours, and shown an all around good time.

Franklin BBQ is In Our Blood.

In honor of National Blood Donor month in January, Franklin BBQ partnered with We Are Blood to say a big thank you to blood donors. 30 lucky donors and their plus ones were treated to a private Franklin BBQ dinner. No line, tons of brisket, and even more great company. Aaron Franklin also helped us get the word out by making a video promoting the event. Look for this partnership again in 2016!

The Craftsman is In Our Blood.

The Craftsman is a wealth of creative ideas on how to support the We Are Blood mission. Whether they are donating the proceeds of all Bloody Mary sales or hosting the first “Bloody Good Beer Fest” for the benefit of We Are Blood, we are lucky to call them family. Not only have they provided financial support for our mission, they have also helped us spread the word about the importance of blood donation in Central Texas through press and social media.

Amy’s Ice Creams is In Our Blood.

Amy’s Ice Creams has been making Central Texas blood donors’ days, for years. During July you’ll find their staff scooping the good stuff in our Lamar donation center canteen. And every December you’ll see Amy’s Ice Creams helping us thank donors with a free scoop of ice cream.

St. David’s Foundation is In Our Blood.

The St. David’s Foundation is a longstanding member of the We Are Blood family. If you have been on one of our mobile blood donation buses or stepped into our main blood donation center it’s because of the St. David’s Foundation’s generosity. Their investments in the health of our community blood supply help us every single day in ensuring that all Central Texans have access to life-saving blood when they need it..

Blue Bell Ice Cream is In Our Blood.

Blue Bell has been a partner of We Are Blood for the past 19, yes, 19, years! Our annual “Pint for a Pint” partnership gives blood donors a pint of ice cream for donating their pint of blood every August.