Universal Donor Club

Introducing the Universal Donor Club: Elevate Your Impact with Each Donation!

At We Are Blood, we’re excited to launch our brand-new repeat blood donor program, the Universal Donor Club, specially crafted for our invaluable O Negative blood donors. Your unique gift has the power to save lives, and we believe your generosity should be celebrated and rewarded.

Are you O Negative? Donate multiple times in 2024 to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need and receive exclusive rewards while doing it.

Why O Negative Blood Donors?

O Negative blood is a universal donor type, meaning it can be transfused to people with any blood type. Accordingly, their blood is in constant demand to address emergencies and medical situations. To recognize and appreciate the remarkable commitment of our O Negative blood donors, we’ve curated the Universal Donor Club with enticing rewards that grow with each generous contribution.

Elevate Your Impact. Elevate Your Rewards!

As you contribute to the Universal Donor Club, your impact amplifies, and so do your rewards!

2024 Whole blood rewards

  • 2 Donations: Receive an exclusive Universal Donor Club t-shirt
  • 3 Donations: Unlock a $20 virtual card
  • 4 Donations: Level up to a $30 virtual card
  • 5 Donations: Enjoy a $40 virtual card
  • 6 Donations: Reach the pinnacle with a $50 virtual card

Are you a double red donor? Please email us at wrbinfo@weareblood.org for membership details.


The Universal Donor Club is not just a program – it’s a community of heroes making a lasting impact. Your generosity matters, and we can’t wait to celebrate your commitment through the Universal Donor Club. Join us in saving lives, one donation at a time!


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What do I need to do to sign-up?

All you need to do is visit our donor centers or mobile drives and donate blood. All O negative donors who successfully donate will be opted into the club.

Do I need to do anything to track my visits?

No, we will automatically track all visits. The rewards start after your second successful donation for the year. An email will be sent with reward details after each qualifying donation.

When will I receive my item?

An email will be sent within a week of your qualifying donation. Details for turnaround will be included in each email.

What if I get deferred?

This program will only track successful donations. If you are deferred, we encourage you to come back in as you are able. If you have any questions about eligibility please contact whocandonate@weareblood.org

Do I have to start in January?

No, this program runs throughout 2024!