High School Graduation Cord FAQS

Can I participate in this program if I am not eligible to donate blood?

  • Yes! If you are a high school senior that does not meet either the minimum age or weight requirements for donating blood, please contact We Are Blood through highschooldonations@weareblood.org to discuss having a proxy donate on your behalf.  If you have other concerns about the ability to donate, please contact us through the same email address.

If I have a proxy donating on my behalf, does it have to be one specific person, or can multiple people donate?

  • Your proxy should be one designated person and they must successfully donate three times at either We Are Blood donation centers or mobile drives.

Can I donate and also have a proxy donate to count toward my Graduation Cord?

  • No, the purpose of this program is to encourage high school students to donate three times during their high school careers.  Only your donations count toward the Graduation Cord Program.

If I donated prior to the start of my Senior Year, can I count that donation toward my Graduation Cord?

  • Yes! Any blood donations that you make prior to the deadline of May 1 (or the date of your high school’s final blood drive) can be counted toward the Graduation Cord?

I donated a double red cell on the ALYX machine, does that count as two donations toward my Graduation Cord?

  • Yes! A double red cell donation on the ALYX machine does count as two “donations” for the Graduation Cord Program.  However, double red cell donations are not available at all mobile drives and not all donors are suited for a double red cell donation.  So when thinking about how you will get your three donations, you should plan for whole blood donations (remember you must wait at least 56 days between whole blood donations).