Darn good deed. Damn good tacos!

Posted: Mar 08, 2019 | Category: Latest Articles

We’ve officially entered the most overwhelming time of year for Central Texas residents, and this year it’s even wackier. SXSW starts today, and for the first time ever (??) spring break isn’t happening the same week. So, we’ve got two weeks in a row of crazy schedules, out-of-towners on scooters, and us assuming every person we see that we don’t recognize must be here with their band.

We’ve got a pretty great way to help handle the stress.

All donors that give between March 9-24 will receive a $5 Burn Card from our friends at Torchy’s Tacos!

Free. Tacos.

Schedule your donation today, and please try not to hog all of the Diablo Sauce. We’re right behind you!