We Are Family: Aline Garcia Weinheimer

Posted: May 31, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

Blood donation is a remarkable act of kindness that transcends time and connects us to a greater purpose. For some, it’s a routine; for others, it’s a leap of faith; and still others donate because they’ve been personal impacted and are inspired to give back. In this blog, we delve into the inspiring journey of Aline Garcia Weinheimer, a 13-gallon blood donor, tracing back to the beginnings of her dedication to this selfless act.

Aline’s story starts as a young lady who was born with a heart murmur. At the tender age of five, her congenital heart condition necessitated open-heart surgery. She underwent this life-changing procedure in 1962. Little did she know that this experience would shape her future.

Her Father’s Legacy

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Aline’s father played a crucial role in training paramilitary personnel. In 1985, while visiting her mother in Laredo, she stumbled upon an article. It was a heartfelt thank-you written by her father to the soldiers who had donated blood for her open-heart surgery. This poignant moment sparked a realization— despite her fear of blood, she was going to face things head-on and give back by donating blood herself.

From that day forward, blood donation became a part of Aline’s life. She started donating in Austin in 1986, a year after arriving in the city. As and O Positive donor, she knows her blood type is often in high demand. She is continually inspired to give to We Are Blood because she knows her blood stays local, serving accident victims, surgical patients, and others in need. Each donation is a tribute to her father’s legacy and a gift to the many recipients who can’t always say thank you.

As she reflects on her journey, Aline recognizes the impact of blood donations, extending far beyond her own life experience. It’s a lifeline for someone else—a stranger in an emergency room, a patient awaiting surgery, or a premature baby fighting for survival. Her blood, once a part of her, now flows through others, connecting them to a shared humanity.

With Sincere Gratitude

On behalf of the We Are Blood community, the Austin community, and the countless recipients, we say thank you. Thank you for the 116 visits, the 13 gallons, and the unwavering commitment, Aline!