Saving lives is in our blood.

Posted: Sep 23, 2017 | Category: Latest Articles

It’s no secret that donating blood saves lives. And considering blood cannot be artificially manufactured or produced, having a stocked and steady blood supply right here in Central Texas means that the people we see every day—our friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors—have access to the blood they need as soon as they need it.

We host a LOT of blood drives. In fact, more than 60% of our blood supply comes from the blood donated at mobile blood drives. When we hear the incredible stories behind why people decide to host a blood drive, we want to make sure we share them with y’all. These are stories people deserve to hear.

For example, this Sunday, September 24th, our friends at Cobalt Blue Salon are hosting a blood drive in honor of a very special person.

Amy and Theresa opened Cobalt Blue together in 2003, and by 2011 they were running an incredibly successful and fulfilling business. But Theresa wasn’t feeling well: she was losing weight, looked pale, and was tired all the time. At the end of January 2012, Theresa was diagnosed with AML Leukemia.

Theresa was hopeful, but her only chance of survival would come from a bone marrow transplant, and unfortunately a match never came. Theresa passed away on July 25, 2012, just six short months after her diagnosis.

In her honor, Amy and Cobalt Blue host an annual CUT-A-THON at the salon each year. They host a blood drive, facilitate onsite saliva testing with Be The Match, and have a bake sale to support the Leukemia Research Foundation.

Amy and Cobalt Blue believe in making sure Theresa’s legacy is one of hope and positivity, because that’s how Theresa lived her life. Theresa faced leukemia with dignity and grace, and Amy wants to ensure her memory is honored by offering that same opportunity to others who may face a similar challenge.

Please join Cobalt Blue THIS SUNDAY from 10am-4pm at their salon for the annual affair. You can donate blood, participate in the Be the Match registry program, or make a donation to the Leukemia Research Foundation. By participating, they’ll even give you a complimentary hair trim!