A Story of Resilience: “19 Strangers Saved My Life”

Posted: Nov 01, 2023 | Category: Latest Articles

Kim Afflerbach is a Central Texan, a mom, and a witness to the remarkable. Last December, Kim was admitted into St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas to give birth to her twins. Shortly after the babies were born, Kim experienced a postpartum hemorrhage and pulmonary embolism. Over a three-week period, Kim underwent multiple procedures and received an amazing 19 blood transfusions. Nineteen!

While Kim doesn’t have much of a memory from that time, her gratitude for the 19 strangers who donated the blood that saved her life will never be forgotten.

We are sharing Kim’s story this holiday season to deliver an important message. May it serve as a testament to the power of the medical field. May her experience provide a reminder for our donors of the profound impact they have every time they walk through our doors; and, may it inspire others to join in the collective effort to make a difference and literally save lives locally.

We Are Family. We Are Blood.

We Are Blood is the sole supplier of blood and platelets to the over 50 hospitals and clinics that serve Central Texan patients. That means when a friend, loved one, or neighbor in Central Texas needs a blood transfusion, they are relying on We Are Blood donors.

The need for blood and platelet transfusions has grown tremendously in Central Texas over the past five years. At the same time, the holiday season is an especially difficult time for blood donation. We invite you to join our collective mission and provide a lifeline to patients.

To donate, schedule an appointment at any of our four donor centers or at a mobile drive or call 512-206-1266.