Best Practices

If you're hosting a mobile blood drive you're a vitally important part of the We Are Blood family. Mobile blood drives actually make up 50% of our local blood supply every year.

We want to make sure hosting your mobile blood drive is fun and easy! AND that you can make a huge impact on the lives of patients in our community.

Here are a few tips to get you started…

Get a team together.

Whether it's two people or ten, ask other people to help you out! A team means more people to spread the word about your blood drive and brainstorm through ways to make it successful.

Talk to your We Are Blood Account Executive.

They are a resource and support system to help make you successful! Don't hesitate to give them a ring.

Get your logistics set.

If you have all the logistical details figured out it'll help you, We Are Blood staff, and your blood donors all have a fun and stress free day. Things to remember: reserve an indoor set up for an hour before and an hour after the time scheduled for donations, make sure your room is the proper temperature (68 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit), that tables and chairs are available for use but that the rest of the room is clear, or for a bus drive make sure parking arrangements are made (at least 8 vehicle spaces).

Get the word out!

Spread the word about your We Are Blood mobile drive in the best way for YOUR family of potential donors. Whether that is email, posters, social media, or talking to people face to face (or all of the above!). No matter what communication channels works best for your people, we'll have you covered. Ask your We Are Blood Account Executive for any communications and messaging support you need. We have it all to make your life easier.

Set a goal, and then tell people about it!

Setting a goal gives everyone something to work towards. It will also help as you're recruiting blood donors to be able to give updates on how many people you need to hit the goal, for example "we have 35 of 40 spots filled!"

Tell people what they mean to the local blood supply.

Let people know that their donation may not travel far, but that it will go a long way. Our local blood supply is a shared resource, one that anyone could need at any time, one that bonds us together as family.

Are you a business? Get top down support from company leadership.

Make sure you have support from the top on hosting a blood drive! Having company leadership send an email in support of We Are Blood and your mobile drive can make people feel more comfortable getting up from their desks to donate.

Encourage people to make appointments.

When donors reserve appointment times it helps us get them in and out faster and back to their days. It also helps us make sure we have the right number of staff and supplies needed to make your drive run smoothly. While we always take walk-ins, appointments help us (and you!) give everyone a better experience.

Remind people about their appointments.

It never hurts to give people a reminder the day before or day of their drive! We all forget from time to time, a last second reminder is a good way to make sure your donors don't miss their slot.

Say “thank you!”

Sounds simple, but it's important. Anyone who donated, attempted to donate, volunteered or spread the word deserves some extra love for lending a helping arm. Our community is our family, and you know your family loves that extra thank you note.

Get creative on some extra thank yous.

The possibilities are endless here! A few brainstorming ideas to get your started… come up with an awesome raffle prize for anyone who attempts to donate, offer to dye your hair/shave your head if you hit your donation goal, offer PTO hours if you're a business for anyone who attempts to donate, throw a celebration if you beat your goal… ok, we'll let you take it from here on the brainstorming…


Hosting a mobile blood drive is a badge of honor. You helped ensure that the people you see every day, the people you care about the most—family, friends, neighbors, coworkers—always have access to life-saving blood when they need it. Its official, your bond with Central Texas is thicker than water.

Ready to host your own blood drive? Click here to submit a request.