Blood Drive Types & Requirements

A blood drive is one of the best ways we know to inspire our community to donate locally and take pride in this precious shared resource that bonds us together. When Central Texans need blood, We Are Blood is there to make sure they receive it. But we need 200 donations a day to ensure the local need is met.

By hosting a blood drive, you are doing your part to ensure life-saving blood is available. If you want to to get a group together and donate blood, the options are limitless. We promise to make it easy.

On a Bus

If you’ve got a big group, not a lot of space, and a passion for doing something great for your community–well, we’ve got a plan. Our blood donation buses are a great way for you to host a group blood drive in a self-contained environment. You schedule a day, we come to you, and the rest is taken care of. We bring everything we need to you, park outside, and all you need to do is supply the people.

Inside Your Building

An easy way to host a blood drive if you have some extra space. Our staff brings all the supplies, and you bring all of the people!

Inside Our Building

You can even host a blood drive inside one of our three brick and mortar donation centers. These drives are great if you have a smaller group or can’t meet the logistical requirements for a bus or inside set up drive.

Blood Drive FAQs

What do I need to provide in order to host a drive on a bus?

  • Room to park a 40 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) X 12 ft (H) bus. This usually requires eight parking spaces in a level, treeless area
  • A minimum of 22 people who will commit to donating blood
  • Restrooms

What do I need to provide in order to host an inside drive?

  • Electrical outlets and good lighting
  • A minimum of 22 people who will commit to donating blood
  • An inside space that can accommodate donation beds and clinical staff
  • Air conditioning: the room must be set between 68°F-72°F during the blood drive.
  • Enough outside parking space for our van and trailer full of supplies
  • Restrooms and water

How can I host a blood drive at one of your brick-and-mortar centers?

Just have to give us a call or at 512-206-1300 or email us at and we'll get you set up with a group donation code so you can track your success.

Can your blood drive bus fit in a parking garage?

Unfortunately neither our buses or vans/trailer can fit into parking garages.

Ready to host your own blood drive? Click here to submit a request.