Student Donors

We Are Blood has facilitated high school blood drives for many years, and we are fully committed to student involvement. That’s right, we are dedicated to our high school students, and they have shown serious commitment to us too.

High school student donors make up more than 12% of the We Are Blood donor population.

We Are Blood is the only blood bank in the 10-county area, and we are proud of the fact that the donations made by people in our community are given to help the people in our community.

High school blood drives are mutually beneficial. Students help us by providing a gift to our community that cannot be artificially manufactured: their blood. In return, students are able to experience first-hand the value of volunteering, community involvement, and altruism. They are also able to enhance their leadership skills by working to plan, promote, and recruit for their on-campus blood drives.

Studies show that people who learn to volunteer at an early are are more likely to make donating blood a lifelong practice.
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High School Scholarship Program

When your high school becomes a We Are Blood partner, We Are Blood will provide a monetary gift in the amount of $15 for each donation made at your campus blood drive. At the end of the school year, we will provide a cumulative gift to your school to use as a scholarship fund or to support education initiatives.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

We Are Blood’s volunteer program is dedicated to the development of qualified, well-trained volunteers. We can help students earn coveted community service hours by participating in the various volunteer service areas at We Are Blood.

We Are Blood Tours

You can bring your class or student organization to us for a behind-the-scenes tour of We Are Blood. Tours take place at our flagship location (4300 N Lamar Blvd.) and include visits to the lab where we process blood as well as the freezers where we store our blood products. Students will see first-hand what happens to the blood once it disappears behind the curtains.

Expert Blood Banking Presentations and Speakers

We Are Blood has expert staff that can come to your school and present to students on a variety of topics. Topics range from blood banking careers, to the science behind blood typing, and an expert take on how to host a successful blood drive.