For all other questions not covered in this FAQ please contact the Volunteer Manager at volunteer@weareblood.org or 512-206-1189.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

The first step to get started volunteering is filling out an application. Once you submit the application you will automatically receive an email with a list of upcoming dates for attending a volunteer orientation. Just reply back to the email with the orientation date you’d like to attend. At the orientation you will learn more about our organization and volunteer opportunities, the Volunteer Manager will also be able to answer any questions you have at that time.

How often do you offer volunteer opportunities?

We Are Blood offers volunteer opportunities 7 days a week.

How often do you hold volunteer orientations?

Orientations are normally held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One on one orientations may be set up to accommodate your schedule. To set up a one on one orientation please contact the Volunteer Manager, volunteer@weareblood.org

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer is 17. The minimum age may vary for certain volunteer opportunities or assignments.

Do you provide training to volunteers?

All volunteers will receive training specific to the volunteer opportunities for which they sign up.

Do you offer phlebotomy training?

We Are Blood does not offer a phlebotomy training program. Several local universities, colleges, high schools and organizations offer training in the Central Texas area.

Do you offer an internship or job shadowing program?

We Are Blood does not offer internship or job shadowing programs.

Does donating blood count as volunteer/community service hours?

While donating blood is vital to our community and organization it is not part of the We Are Blood volunteer program. Time spend donating blood is not counted toward volunteer or community service hours.

Do I have to donate blood to be a volunteer?

We understand that not everyone is willing or able to donate blood but that doesn’t mean they can’t help their community by volunteering with We Are Blood. Donating blood is not a requirement for volunteering with We Are Blood. We encourage everyone who is able to donate blood to do so and many of our blood donors are volunteers as well.

Do I have to work directly with the blood or needles when I volunteer?

Handling blood product and drawing blood from donors is the responsibility of our staff and is not something required of our volunteers.

Do you offer group volunteer opportunities?

The majority of our volunteer opportunities are individual opportunities but we do offer group volunteer opportunities upon request if we are able to accommodate the needs of the volunteer group (i.e. age of volunteers, size of volunteer group, time constraints etc.) If you’d like to inquire about group volunteer opportunities please contact the Volunteer Manager, volunteer@weareblood.org.