Blood Donation Safe & Critical as Central Texans Respond to Coronavirus. Donate at We Are Blood today!

Posted: Mar 10, 2020 | Category: Latest Articles

We Are Blood is urgently calling on our community of blood and platelet donors to donate today and in the near future to safeguard the blood supply for Central Texas patients in need. This week, multiple businesses have canceled their mobile blood drives after implementing new work-from-home or building access policies due to concern about the coronavirus. A simultaneous downturn in appointments, likely due to cold and flu season, has left us deeply concerned about blood and platelet donations in the coming weeks.

If you are healthy and eligible please book an appointment to donate blood at one of our donor centers or at a mobile blood drive near you to help patients receive the lifesaving care they need.

Blood and platelet donation is safe and critical at this time. Our donor centers and mobile drives are clean environments where we’ve implemented increased wipe down procedures on all surfaces. The FDA has found no evidence that coronavirus is transmittable via transfusion. Likewise, our blood donor screening measures reliably prevent individuals who are not feeling well from donating blood.

Making a blood or platelet donation now, or scheduling a donation for this week, will help mitigate lost blood donations due to further mobile drive cancellations and prepare us for any further decreases in blood donations in our community. If you can, please help protect Central Texas!

Schedule your donation!

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