New Year’s Resolution to Make a Difference

Posted: Dec 21, 2023 | Category: Latest Articles

During the holidays, people often reflect on their past year and consider things they’re grateful for while also identifying areas for growth and change. With a new year on the horizon comes renewed energy and hope!

Many of us set resolutions – another chance to achieve something new or wipe the slate clean and start anew. While setting your 2024 goals or resolutions, we invite you to consider a simple and rewarding activity for your community… donating blood!

A single whole blood donation can save up to three lives, because it is processed into three components – red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Red blood cells are the component most frequently transfused to patients at our local hospitals because they carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Surgery patients, severe accident victims, cancer patients, and patients with anemia are common recipients of these transfusions. The entire whole blood donation process takes about 45 minutes from check-in to departure, but the actual blood donation only takes around 15 minutes.

Platelets are the type of blood cell that allows our bodies to form clots. Many patients across Central Texas, especially burn victims, premature babies, organ transplant recipients, accident victims, and cancer patients, rely on platelet donations. Platelets are incredibly special because they are constantly needed by patients across our community, but they are very hard for us to keep on our shelves because of their short shelf life of only seven days. Platelet donations can take between two to three hours to complete, but the good news is you can donate every seven days!

More ways to get involved

If donating blood isn’t your thing, you can still help local patients by hosting a blood drive with your community organization or business. Blood drive coordinators make a vital difference in Central Texas patients having access to life-saving blood when they need it.

And, of course, you can always become a volunteer. As a non-profit, We Are Blood volunteers are critical to supporting local hospitals and patients. They help with transporting blood, supporting donors in the canteen, and spreading the word at local events.

New Year’s Resolutions Can Be Hard to Keep

Do you find yourself, year over year, going strong in the beginning, but letting your dedication dwindle after a few months? No need to get self-critical. Instead, consider implementing one of these suggestions to keep the momentum strong this year.

  • Use the buddy system. Find a friend to coordinate schedules with. Having someone to partner with and cheer you on, also helps with accountability.
  • Schedule ahead. Book your appointments out and everything will run like clockwork. Schedule every two months if you’re a whole blood donor or every two weeks for platelet donations!
  • Have compassion. If you miss the mark or take a pause, remind yourself that no one is perfect. Just brush it off, refocus, and get back to it.

If you’re inspired to support the We Are Blood mission, drop us a line.