Save lives locally.

Posted: Apr 03, 2004 | Category: Latest Articles


And, that connection runs even deeper when we donate blood.

One donation can save multiple lives, and We Are Blood’s donations stay local to support the over 50 hospitals and medical agencies in our 10-county region, including St. David’s HealthCare, Ascension Seton (including Dell Children’s Medical Center), Baylor Scott and White, Texas Children’s Hospital, as well as Austin-Travis County and Williamson County EMS. 

That’s right! Every local patient treated at every hospital in our service area relies exclusively on the generosity of We Are Blood platelet and blood donors. That means the lives you are potentially saving could be those of your friends, family, and neighbors.   

As our community grows, so does the need! 

Over the past six years, We Are Blood has seen an extraordinary growth in transfusion needs in our community, because of our growing population, expanding hospitals and medical services, and more! Whether for cancer patients, trauma and accident victims, those suffering from a blood disease, or having a major surgery, blood and platelet donations can provide life-sustaining care for patients, and, in some cases, can be lifesaving.   

 As our community continues to grow, we welcome you – the music lovers, the taco eaters, the artists, the outdoorsy ones, the barbecue feasters, the vegan epicureans, the trendy, the hippies, the vineyard visitors, the spitfires and sweethearts, the river floaters or traffic-goers, the two-steppers, day trippers, small towners, farmers, and the city folk! However, you identify, together, we are what makes Central Texas special. Let’s keep it that way! 

Only 3% of our eligible population give blood today. If more Central Texans donated blood or platelets, imagine how many lives could be impacted.   

Join our mission to save lives locally. 

Book an appointment to donate at one of our four donor centers or mobile blood drives today!