We Are Family: Jennifer Garza

Posted: Jun 26, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

In our latest We Are Family video, we chat with Jennifer Garza, drive coordinator at CWS Corporate Housing, to discuss the importance of hosting blood drives and the impact of blood donation on the community.

Jennifer shares her personal experiences and offers valuable insights into how simple and rewarding the process can be.

Jen’s passion for blood donation stems from her own family’s medical needs, highlighting the vital role that donations play in saving lives. Despite common misconceptions about the process, she emphasizes how straightforward and easy it is to donate blood.

Her message is clear: taking a small amount of time to donate can make a profound difference, providing critical support to those in need. Hosting a blood drive is an easy and meaningful way to give back to the community. Follow Jen’s lead and consider hosting a blood drive today!

Join us in making an impact!