We Are Family: Sarah Antenora’s Story

Posted: Feb 27, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

In 2019, Sarah Antenora’s world was turned upside down when her daughter, Elena, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Suddenly, their lives revolved around hospital visits, treatments, and the uncertainty of the future. Elena spent her 14th birthday and her middle school graduation in the hospital, missing out on the ordinary milestones of adolescence. But through it all, Sarah witnessed something remarkable – the power of blood donors to save lives.

As Elena underwent treatment, Sarah saw firsthand the incredible impact of blood products on her daughter’s health. Platelets, in particular, became a lifeline for Elena, helping her body fight the effects of leukemia. Moved by the generosity of strangers whose donations sustained her daughter, Sarah felt a calling to give back.

After Elena’s battle with leukemia came to an end and she emerged victorious, Sarah made the decision to become a platelet donor herself. Knowing that platelets can be donated weekly, Sarah saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others facing similar challenges.

For Sarah, donating platelets isn’t just about giving back – it’s about gratitude & honoring life’s precious moments. Through her own journey, she has gained a deeper perspective on the value of life and the importance of supporting one another in times of need. Every time Sarah donates, she carries with her the memory of those who helped her daughter and the hope of making a difference for someone else.

To those who donate blood and platelets, Sarah shares a heartfelt message: “Your blood saved my daughter’s life. Your blood made my daughter healthy and strong and able to fight her own battle that she needed to fight. And we are grateful.”

Through Sarah’s story, we are reminded of the incredible impact of blood donation and the power of compassion to change lives. Together, we can continue to support one another and spread hope to those in need.

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