What is an Optimal Platelet Procedure?

Posted: Feb 07, 2017 | Category: Latest Articles

Whether you are interested in platelet donation for the first time or have been donating platelet with We Are Blood for the past 10 to 15 years. It is an awesome decision, and we are so grateful to you for your dedication to helping us save lives. For certain blood types, platelet donation is the ideal choice to make so that We Are Blood can most effectively utilize your donation.

We want to make sure every donation given to us has the most possible benefit for patients in our community, so we strive to make every donation an optimal procedure. To do this, our software program analyzes your blood type, your physical characteristics (height, weight) and your platelet count in order to offer the optimal procedure for you on any given day that you donate. Your optimal procedure may be different from one day to the next because platelet counts can vary. It is vitally important to keep up with the community platelet needs that each donor agrees to sit for the optimal procedure at the time of each donation. Agreeing to the optimal procedure at each donation has the following positive effects:

  • Your optimal procedure allows you to help multiple patients with a single donation! Each additional platelet collected is another patient who can receive lifesaving platelet transfusions.
  • Your optimal procedure maximizes your appointment time! We have a limited number of platelet appointments each day and selecting your optimal procedure helps us to make the most of each donation for area hospitals.
  • Your optimal procedure is only a few more minutes that can allow a single donation to treat more trauma patients, cancer patients, and families here in Central Texas! 

Thank you again for your decision to be a platelet donor with We Are Blood. You truly do make a difference in the lives of patients and trauma victims with every donation you make, and we appreciate your commitment to helping us provide platelets to the Central Texas community.