Your Cape Awaits!

Posted: Nov 09, 2022 | Category: Latest Articles

We Are Blood - Your Cape Awaits logo tagline



“Your Cape Awaits” shows that blood donation is an easy way to be a local hero – showcasing a well intentioned protagonist trying to help others in a number of unsuccessful ways until he stumbles upon a We Are Blood donation center.

An inspiring donor exits the center, wind flowing through her hair and compression wrap on her arm proving that the act of blood donation is worthy of a hero’s cape.

Our new campaign is a playful way to deliver an important message. As Central Texas grows, we need to welcome more heroes who earn their capes when donating blood or platelets. Individuals looking for a way to help others in their community can find it at a We Are Blood donor center or mobile drive.

We Are Blood is the sole supplier of blood and platelets to the over 40 hospitals and clinics that serve Central Texans. That means when a friend, loved one, or neighbor in Central Texas needs a blood transfusion, they are relying on the heroic acts of our We Are Blood donors.

The need for blood and platelet transfusions has grown tremendously in Central Texas over the past five years. At the same time, the holiday season is an especially difficult time for blood donation. We Are Blood anticipates an annual decrease in the number of blood donations made due to holiday travel and hectic schedules.

Individuals who would like to donate can schedule an appointment at any of WRB’s four donor centers or at a mobile drive by going online or calling 512-206-1266.

Check locations for hours and days of operation.