Amplify Austin is here to boost We Are Blood in 2024!

Posted: Feb 23, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles


Amplify Austin Day is the biggest online giving event in Central Texas. During a 24-hour period, Amplify ATX provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to band together to support local nonprofits, like yours truly.


We want to inspire, educate, and engage younger generations and those of diverse backgrounds, including communities of color and LGBTQIA+ members.

Our Vein2Vein Program launching in 2024 will help to inform students across Central Texas about the importance of blood donation!  

The blood donor community nationwide is aging, and younger generations aren’t as actively engaged in the act of blood donation, potentially making available blood supply inadequate to meet the needs of the growing population in the future. We believe that educating our younger people through our Vein2Vein Program about the value of blood and platelet donations is critical to the goal of increasing the number of lifelong donors.  

This year, all funds raised through Amplify Austin will go directly to supporting the Vein2Vein Program, from purchasing needed equipment and supplies, to developing outreach to schools through the Central Texas area! Our goal for 2024 is to raise $30,000 to help support the development and roll out of this educational program. With your help, we can hit that goal!

Your financial support will help us ensure a diverse and constant blood supply for future generations!


Interested in getting involved in #AmplifyATX? Here are a few things you can do to help support our cause:

  • Become a fundraiser on behalf of We Are Blood! Set up your profile, choose We Are Blood as your cause, and let your people know who, what and why you are fundraising!
  • Spread the word! Email your friends and family, post to social media, or go old-fashioned and pick up the phone to call folks and let them know about We Are Blood.
  • Support us through a monetary donation! Help support the initiative to inform, inspire and engage younger generations to become blood and platelet donors and protect the community blood supply for years to come.
  • Get involved in community outreach! Support We Are Blood community outreach initiatives like Vein2Vein by becoming a volunteer. Learn more about volunteering opportunities.
  • And, of course, become a blood or platelet donor! Beyond the 24-hour event, becoming a donor allows you to support your community all year round, in an easy and incredibly helpful way. Learn more about blood donation and schedule an appointment today!

We love our community and are so grateful for your support. Together, we can save lives locally! Mark your calendars for Amplify Austin 2024, March 6 and 7!