Everything is Bigger in Texas – Including Weather Changes!

Posted: Jan 11, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

We all know Texas weather can be unpredictable, but that does not mean we have to let Mother Nature’s curveballs catch us off guard this winter. As the colder weather sets in, We Are Blood invites all Central Texans to join in our mission of preparedness. By joining forces with us, you can play a vital role in ensuring that local patients have the lifesaving blood they need, especially when the winter weather takes a turn for the worse.

Every year, Central Texans are encouraged to prepare for severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms, flash floods, and winter storms. Simple steps you can take to help protect yourself and your family include making a plan, building an emergency kit, staying informed, and seeking shelter. Our community hospitals also need help during these inclement weather crises, and one way to contribute is through blood donation.

Winter storms have a devastating impact on our ability to collect and distribute blood for local patients.

We Are Blood is the sole provider of blood and platelets to all the Central Texas hospitals in a 10-county region, requiring 200 donations daily to maintain an adequate blood supply. In 2021, We Are Blood had to close its doors for five days due to a severe winter storm. This closure resulted in a significant loss of donations, hindering our ability to supply sufficient blood to the surrounding hospitals. We have continued to face shortages during previous winters, each time putting a monumental strain on our blood supply.

Red blood cells have a shelf-life of 42 days and platelets only last seven days, so an increase in donations prior to severe winter weather will help us to build a bigger supply and endure potential closures.

Ways to help us prepare for inclement weather!

While preparing for inclement weather this season, please remember the importance of blood and platelet donations! Here are some ways you can help keep our community blood supply resilient:

We hope you keep us in mind during these wintery months. Each donation ahead of time will help our community better prepare and successfully weather these Texas storms!