Introducing the Universal Donor Club

Posted: Jan 17, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

We Are Blood is excited to announce our brand-new, frequency-based donor program, the Universal Donor Club, specially crafted for our repeat O Negative donors.

Why O Negative Blood Donors?

The new Universal Donor Club was created to help motivate additional donations from our O Negative community. Since there are so few O Negative donors, only 7% of the population, it is imperative that our O Negative donors understand why they are in constant demand and how critical of a role their donations play. O Negative blood is the universal blood type, meaning it can be transfused to people of ANY blood type. For example, when there has been a patient with a trauma and there isn’t time to determine someone’s blood type, O Negative blood is given.

The challenge is high to maintain an adequate community supply of O Negative blood donations that protect our local patients. 

To recognize and inspire our O Negative donors, we’ve curated the Universal Donor Club with enticing rewards that grow with each generous blood donation.


Are you O Negative? Donate multiple times in 2024 to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need and receive exclusive rewards while doing it. Your unique gift has the power to save lives, and we believe your generosity should be celebrated and rewarded.

As you contribute to the Universal Donor Club, your impact amplifies, and so do your rewards! Visit for club details.