Local Donors For Local Patients

Posted: Jan 31, 2023 | Category: Latest Articles

It seems simple but that’s what sets We Are Blood and our community of donors apart.

Every local patient treated at every hospital in our 10-county service area relies exclusively on the generosity of We Are Blood platelet and blood donors.

Our partners are the hospitals you see through your window while driving to work and to school. They are the physicians your friends, family, and neighbors visit when not feeling well.

Every St. David’s HealthCare hospital, Ascension Seton hospital (including Dell Children’s Medical Center), and Baylor Scott and White hospital in Central Texas works directly with We Are Blood to meet their patient transfusion needs.

Those healthcare providers and more add up to the 50 hospitals and clinics we serve!

And that local need for blood transfusions for patients in our community is growing! Over the past five years, We Are Blood has seen an extraordinary growth in transfusion need in our community because of our growing population, our expanding health services, and more!

Want to join our community of Local Donors For Local Patients?

It’s as easy as booking an appointment to donate at one of our four donor centers or mobile blood drives.

We Are Blood and our local patients thank you!