We Are Family: April Tiller

Posted: Apr 29, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

Meet April Tiller, a compassionate force behind We Are Blood’s Clinical Services. In this installment of our We Are Family series, April sheds light on the vital role her team plays in therapeutic blood donation and apheresis procedures.

Clinical Services specializes in therapeutic blood donations, catering to individuals requiring medical phlebotomy. April explains the meticulous planning involved, from coordinating with physicians to determining donation frequency and volume.

A significant aspect of their work revolves around apheresis procedures, particularly at Dell Children’s Medical Center, where they support children with conditions like sickle cell disease. Through apheresis, they remove sickled blood cells and replace them with healthy donor cells, offering hope and relief to young patients.

For April, this work is deeply fulfilling. As a registered nurse, she finds joy in providing hands-on patient care and education, ensuring that every donor’s contribution makes a difference. Her dedication is palpable as she emphasizes the importance of blood donation, urging eligible individuals to consider giving the gift of life.

Join us in celebrating April and her team’s unwavering commitment to saving lives!