We Are Family: Brandon Wollerson’s Story

Posted: Nov 29, 2023 | Category: Latest Articles

In the wake of the FDA’s pivotal decision to ease restrictions on blood donation for the LGBTQ community, Brandon Wollerson found inspiration to make a difference.

Eager to contribute, Brandon scheduled his first donation appointment. Although he was met with some initial delays, Brandon chose to transform this waiting period into an opportunity to amplify community conversations with LGBTQ advocacy groups and help We Are Blood navigate the evolving landscape of donation eligibility. Collaborating with We Are Blood directly, he helped ensured that the implementation of these changes was as inclusive and seamless as possible.

Brandon shares his personal journey and the profound significance of blood donation. He emphasizes the impact of a single blood donation — potentially saving up to three lives. He underscores the importance of visibility for the LGBTQ community, addressing historic barriers, and affirming their commitment to contribute.

Brandon’s story highlights both the act of donating blood and the ripple effect of positive change that resonates through the community!