We Are Family: Jacquie Fuller

Posted: Mar 28, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

Jacquie Fuller’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to the cause of blood donation. Her journey began in high school when she first stepped forward to donate blood, driven by a personal connection that would lead her to become a regular life saver.

In Jacquie’s youth, her brother was diagnosed with luekemia. Jacquie found solace and purpose in donating blood for him. She spearheaded a blood drive at her school, rallying her peers to support her brother and others in need.

Throughout her life, Jacquie has lived in various states, but her commitment to blood donation remained steadfast. In 2015, she moved to Austin and discovered We Are Blood through her employer, KUT/KUTX radio. Recognizing the vital role blood donation plays in saving lives, Jacquie wasted no time in becoming a regular donor at We Are Blood.

However, Jacquie’s journey took an unexpected turn when she faced health challenges of her own. Uterine fibroids led to a significant drop in her hemoglobin levels, putting her health at risk.

Yet, it was through this experience that Jacquie gained a newfound appreciation for the life-saving power of blood donation. She vividly recalls the moment she received three pints of blood in the hospital, feeling rejuvenated with each transfusion.

Jacquie’s journey exemplifies the importance of blood donation and the impact it can have on both donors and recipients alike. She emphasizes that not everyone may be able to donate blood due to health reasons or personal fears, but there are myriad ways to support organizations like We Are Blood. Whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or organizing blood drives, every action counts towards saving lives.

Jacquie’s journey from donor to recipient to advocate underscores the transformative power of giving. Her unwavering dedication to the cause of blood donation serves as a testament to the profound impact individuals can have when they come together to support their community.

We Are Blood salutes Jacquie Fuller and all those who selflessly give of themselves to save lives.