We Are Family: Jaylon Rosero

Posted: Jan 30, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

Meet Jaylon Rosero, a remarkable young man whose journey into blood donation began in 2022. He was already familiar with the world of blood and organ donation thanks to his grandfather, Sherman Lemuel Bradshaw, senior public relations manager for United Tissue Resources (We Are Blood affiliate organization). Inspired to give back to his community, Jaylon’s first whole blood donation was just the beginning.

As Jaylon explored our website, he discovered the opportunity to become a platelet donor. Realizing he could contribute more frequently, he embraced this commitment, especially after learning his blood type was A Positive – which is perfect for platelet donation! Jaylon’s decision to become a platelet donor opened a new chapter in his donation journey.

In his own words, Jaylon emphasizes that the impact of a donation transcends the donor’s identity. “That donation has so many different faces and so many different names behind it, it doesn’t matter really whom it’s coming from. It just matters that it’s going to the person that truly needs it at the end of the day,” he shares.

What makes Jaylon’s story even more impactful is the perspective he brings as a young black man. “Coming from a young black man, I feel like [the significance] is even bigger for me. It just makes my donation feel even more meaningful,” Jaylon remarks. His commitment underscores the value of a diverse community of donors and the difference each of us can make for local patients.

Thank you, Jaylon, for being a valuable part of our We Are Blood family and for making a difference, one platelet donation at a time.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our We Are Family series.