We Are Family: Patrick Swift

Posted: Oct 23, 2023 | Category: Latest Articles

Meet Patrick Swift, a committed paramedic with Austin-Travis County EMS.

His story is a testament to the power of collective action and the impact of coming together for a common cause.

Working as a paramedic in New York City before arriving in Austin, Patrick noted the emphasis on early paramedic intervention before hospital arrival. The introduction of whole blood transfusions in the field underlined the impact of early action on patient outcomes.

Patrick’s journey with We Are Blood began with providing blood transfusions as a lifeline for patients. He knew little about what it takes to access this vital resource, but a conversation with his medical director, Dr. Pickett, changed everything. Dr. Pickett’s wife is a volunteer at We Are Blood, and her involvement sparked Patrick’s curiosity.

A visit to We Are Blood unveiled an intricate network of individuals working diligently behind the scenes. Patrick was captivated by the mission and the dedication of those who ensure a continuous supply of life-saving blood. It was an eye-opening experience that revealed the incredible work of those who often go unnoticed.

Patrick’s story serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of our community and the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of others. Blood donations have an immeasurable impact, and every individual can play a part in creating a safer, healthier future.

Become part of our extended family.

Whether through blood donation, volunteering, or supporting organizations like We Are Blood, each contribution helps build a safer and healthier world for all.

Together, as a family, we save lives.