We Are Family: Russell Duke

Posted: Jan 01, 2024 | Category: Latest Articles

In a heartfelt journey spanning over two decades, Russell Duke has been a beacon of hope and community support through his dedication to hosting blood drives for We Are Blood. Inspired by the profound impact of blood donations on both his late daughter Emma, who bravely battled neuroblastoma, and later on his wife Kathy who also lost her life to cancer – Russell’s commitment to honoring their memory has become a driving force behind his altruistic endeavors.

As an employee at Applied Materials, Russell’s journey started with a small blood drive at the workplace. The initial motivation, rooted in the desire to give back without explicitly stating the connection to his daughter, gradually evolved into a meaningful tribute to Emma and Kathy. The transformative power of blood products became evident as Russell witnessed firsthand the positive effects on his loved ones, infusing hope and vitality into their lives during challenging treatments.

For Russell, hosting blood drives is not just a one-time event but a continuous legacy of compassion. Encouraging others to embark on the same journey, he emphasizes the importance of persistence. Starting small and growing steadily, each subsequent drive contributes to building a community dedicated to saving lives. Russell’s story is a testament to the impact one person can have over time. Over the course of 20 years at Applied Materials, more than 10,000 units of blood have been donated, potentially impacting up to 30,000 lives.

Russell’s message is clear: the act of donating blood is a profound and kind gesture with far-reaching effects. By sharing his story, he hopes to inspire others to join the blood drive community, fostering a sense of pride and collective commitment to saving lives, one donation at a time. For those considering hosting a blood drive, Russell’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that even the smallest efforts can lead to positive change!